Warehouse Racking Equipment Leasing

Forklift Truck

Equipment leasing gives you the flexibility to use funds to grow your business in other areas!

Flow-Rite Inc., can provide its customers with leasing options to fit any budget. We understand that you must get the most out of every dollar spent and, we will do our best to tailor a lease agreement to fit your individual needs.

We accommodate 24 and 36 month leases, and to further tailor the lease to your budget, we will allow residual values.

A few advantages of leasing equipment:

  • Upgrade your racking with low monthly payments
  • Preserve capital
  • Eliminate obsolescence
  • Fixed payments through the term of the lease

Since 1986, Flow-Rite has been dedicated to providing proving our customers with the best Warehouse Storage Solutions at a competitive cost.

For any additional information on leasing options, please contact us.

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