Rack Post Protection & Warehouse Guard Rails

Flow-Rite Inc., supplies wrap-a-round, bolt-on and welded-on Warehouse Guard Rails and Rack Post Protection.

Warehouse Guard Rails

Warehouse Guard Rails

Heavy Duty Guard Rails can greatly enhance the safety of your facility and reduce the cost of damage caused by accidental collisions.

When properly installed, these rugged guard rails can withstand a 10,000 pound impact at a speed of 4 mph.

Rack Floor Guards

Medium duty rack guards provide excellent protection for the most vulnerable areas of your storage rack systems – row ends.

Floor Guard Rails

Available as double sided or single sided, they are easy to install and provide critical protection from fork truck damage at both the front and side of your rack uprights.

Rack floor guard specifications are as follows:

  • Finished in highly visible security yellow
  • 5” x 5” posts
  • 12” high rails
  • Security cap on all posts
  • Bolted connections
  • 10” x 10” base plates
Rack Post Protector

Rack Post Protection

Rack Post Protectors provide individual, high visibility post protection.

Easy to install they help protect the most susceptible part of steel rack uprights from forklift truck damage

We also offer Protect-It® Post Guard and Maxi Post Guards.These products combine advanced Computer Aided Engineering with state-of-the-art thermoplastics to deliver inexpensive, effective, and easy to install post guard protection for your rack posts and building columns.

Column Guard Protection

Made from super tough HDPE thermoplastic, its strength and unique design allow it to absorb impact loads in a spring like manner, preventing damage to rack posts and columns.

When it comes to rack protection and improving workplace safety, Rack Guard Post Protectors provide a low cost solution.

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