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Carton Flow Track Systems

Flow-Rite Inc., offers a variety of Carton Flow Track products giving you the flexibility required to achieve a system tailored to meet your needs.


Span-Track is the industry’s original carton flow track. It’s an innovative carton flow solution that drops into your existing structures to create a robust flow system for your operation. Span-Track will help you step up productivity on the pick line, maximize space, and create a safer working environment for your employees.

  • Superior Flow
    • Get unrivaled product flow with Span-Track Lane and Span-Track Bed
    • Reduce imprinting and hang-ups with up to 300% more surface area
    • Excellent lane tracking and re-starting - no sticking even when cartons sit for long periods of time
  • Flexibility
    • Dynamic storage drop-in designs fit into any new or existing rack structures
    • Simply adjust beams to optimize pitch and product clearance
    • Tracks can easy be moved or rearranged to suite your individual SKU’s
    • Choose from multiple Span-Track capacity options and accessories to improve efficiency
    • Available in track widths of 6”, 9”, 12” and 15”
  • Efficiency
    • Organize and condense inventory
    • Ensure FIFO rotation o Reduce travel time between picks
    • Accelerate order picking with better visibility and access to SKUs
    • Easily re-slot and re-configure o Increase space utilization up to 50%
  • Durability
    • Meet the rigors of order picking with conveyor made of tough steel construction
    • Choose high capacity options up to 100 lbs per foot