Pallet Racking - Bolted Shelving

Bolted Shelving

Industrial Bolted Shelving is a space-effective economical storage system for virtually any light-duty application.

Manufactured from quality steel, Bolted Shelving is designed for versatility and easy installation, and can be easily adjusted or relocated.

Bolted Shelving

The features of Bolted Shelving are:

  • reduced freight
  • design fallibility
  • easy to configure or repair
  • reduced maintenance costs; and,
  • easier to integrate accessories.

Uses include a vast variety of applications such as:

  • shelving
  • benches
  • trolleys, and;
  • light construction work such as creating supports or structural bases.

We carry new and used pre-owned Metalware and Galvanized Steel Shelving compatible with virtually any storage requirement.

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